Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nine months

About a month ago, a woman in my IP group posted the following, "Grateful Monday. He has officially been home longer than he was with anyone else.  9 months old last week! "  Until I read that, it never occurred to me that Jaden's nine month birthday would be a special milestone.  Here we are though. Jaden is nine and a half months old.  I am so grateful that Ellen took care of him his first nine months in utero and even more grateful that Jason and I have been able to take care of him his first nine months outside of the womb. What an incredible nine months it has been!

People often ask me if I ever see Ellen now, or if she ever gets to see Jaden.  That question seems absurd to me, but I suppose there are plenty of surrogates and IPs who don't have a relationship post-birth.  Some just keep in touch via Facebook or text picture updates on birthdays.  Thankfully, that isn't the case for Ellen and I.  Our friendship has only grown deeper since Jaden's birth.   Here are just a few snapshots of the times we have spent together in the past nine months.
Ellen comes to visit. Jaden is four days old.

Ellen acting as kvatterin at Jaden's Bris.  He is eight days old. 

Visit to Ellen's house to help trim the Christmas tree. Jaden is two weeks old.

My birthday- Jaden is three weeks old.
Ellen and Chris come to visit. Jaden is learning to smile at five weeks old.

Ellen and the girls come to visit. Jaden is six weeks.
Jaden's first sleepover at Ellen's. He is two months old.
Girls weekend in Chicago.  Jaden is three and a half months old (but he's at home with daddy).

Family gathering at Ellen's parents. Jaden is four months old.
Second sleepover at Ellen's. Jaden is almost six months old.
Hanging with Ellen's oldest at our house.  He is almost eight months old.
With Ellen's oldest and Chris last weekend. Jaden is nine months old. 

I'm so excited to continue making memories with Ellen and her family!