Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hey Girl...I've Got Something Real Important to Give You

Way back in 2010 when we did our first IVF, we were completely overwhelmed when the huge boxes of meds arrived.  Here's is a picture of what our first batch of meds looked liked.

Since my surro will be the one taking the meds this time and she hasn't done this before (the last time she did surrogacy it was as a traditional surrogate (turkey baster method) so medication wasn't necessary), we decided that we didn't want to freak her out when she saw all the meds.  Jason and I are both pretty creative and he is a master at photoshop so we put our minds/skills together and came up with a clever idea to present them to her.  It just so happened that I had several plastic cases from our  new duvet cover and curtains so we decided that those would make perfect carrying cases.   This is Jason in action having fun designing the signs that we put on the cases.

And here is what we came up with:
For those who never saw the original SNL skit, you can watch it here. Instead of a d#@k in a box,
Jason photoshopped in progesterone, lupron and syringes as seen below.

We also had some fun with LMFAO feat Lil Jon's hit song "Shots"  with this picture
Notice we also included injection instructions along with a little diagram of where the shots are supposed to go.  Finally, on the inside of the case we had a special compartment for the progesterone shots and had this picture on that case:

I gave the meds to her on our "date" and am pretty sure she got a kick out of it.   Either way, we had fun doing it and hope it helps take the sting out of the shots even if just for a moment. 

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