Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rock-a-bye Baby Shower

Saturday was the most amazing day! It was Baby O's baby shower and it couldn't have been any more perfect.  Eight of my friends co-hosted the shower and I was so impressed by all the special touches they included. We are doing a music themed nursery in gray, aqua and yellow and the hostesses reflected that theme throughout the party.  I started crying right when I walked was just so emotional to FINALLY be having our own baby shower and I just loved all the thought that was put into making it truly special.

I was truly overwhelmed with all the special details and with the love and friendship I felt from all the guests.  Ellen and Chris were there and it was so exciting introducing them to friends and family and letting everyone see Baby O growing inside of Ellen.  Several of my friends cried when they met Ellen, which of course led to tears from both Ellen and I. It was really nice having happy, joyful tears.

Here are some pictures from this amazing day:
                     The adorable invitations
                   Yummy food and decor

                    Delicious cake

                       "For Those About to Rock (Candy)" sign is just one example                                                                   of the music- themed signs throughout the party.  So creative!

My beautiful hostesses along with Ellen and I. 

             Photo shoot by the tree
Ellen's girls always do a signature hip pop in their pics.  It does make for a cuter picture (even with the WTF looks from the guys)
Family photo shoot-  Jason and I with Baby O's aunt, uncle, cousin and YaYa!
 Here's a video which captures the emotion of the day- if you watch all the way through you might catch Jason spilling the beans about Baby O's name. (the peanut gallery commenting was one of the hostesses husband's who was watching the Bama game. He provided much needed comic relief when I was having difficulty expressing myself!) 


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