Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gender Reveal. It's A......

I've heard about Gender Reveal parties for a while now. This is a way of sharing the gender of the baby with family and friends-usually in a fun way.  Some people open up a box with either pink or blue balloons, some use pink or blue confetti, and some use cakes that are pink or blue when you cut them open. In some cases, the couple knows the gender and uses the reveal as a cute and creative way to share the sex of the baby with their family and friends.  In other cases, the ultrasound tech puts the gender in a sealed envelope, the parent brings the sealed envelope to the bakery, and they find out together with their family when they cut open the cake.  We chose to go with option number two with a twist.

In addition to being really awesome at making babies, Ellen is also awesome at making cakes. So much so that she has a side biz ExcELLENent Cakes (you can see some do her awesome work here). Who better to make our cake for our gender reveal party than Ellen?  At 10 weeks, Ellen took a blood test that, among other things, revealed Baby O's gender.  Ellen is also awesome at keeping secrets as she found out this info about a week and a half before she shared it with anyone else (aside from her husband Chris). We were so excited to find out together at the Gender Reveal.  My parents flew in from Florida, Jason's sister came in from New Jersey, and Jason's mom and my sister, brother-in-law and nieces and nephew "watched the game from home " via FaceTime.

In sticking with the womb divided motif we went with a football Pink vs Blue/Gator vs Seminole  theme.  Here is our ticket to the Gender Reveal Showdown.

I had a lot of fun decorating for the party. Jason thought I went a bit overboard but we waited a long time for this baby so I figured I was entitled to go all out!

This is the pink and blue beverage table. We served pink lemonade, Blue Moon and Dos Equis.

We also served Pink champagne and blue raspberry martinis (they looked a lot better than they tasted) 
Jason and I made a football field dessert table and here are some fun signs that I made (Editors note: Sign ideas stolen from Pinterest)
                      The Old Wives' Tales weren't much help since it was split pretty evenly.

 Team Pink and Team Blue were split pretty evenly too.

I used the party as an excuse  to buy a cotton candy machine and put Ellen's kids to work making and distributing the cotton candy.

Jason and I with our family (my folks and his sis) with our cotton candy picks. It was so nice sharing in this moment with them.  Ellen and Chris didn't take any cotton candy since they already knew what we were having.

And here is the adorable cake.
So without further ado...watch the videos to find out the gender and our reaction!



  1. Congratulations!! My little boy stole my heart, I'm sure yours will too!

  2. Thanks!!! We are so excited. Except we had NO boy names in mind!

  3. If my third was a boy I was going to name him Nathaniel Matthew (Matthew is my husbands name though).I love the old names! Gabriel was a favorite but I don't like "gabe" haha. Austin was another I loved but I already have an Autumn and didn't want their names too close! Good luck picking a name, can't wait to hear what it is!