Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Baby O went from this:
To this:
5w6d measuring right on time

To this:
6w6d measuring 6w1d Heartbeat 132 BPM (beats per minute)
 But Yikes- why did it only grow 2 days worth in 7 days???

To this:
7w6d measuring 7w1d (still behind but at least its a week of growth!) HB 167 BPM

 To this:
9w4d measuring 9w1d- HB 183 BPM

and in 3-D this:

9w4d- A bit alienesque- a face only a mother could love!
To this:
10w5d measuring 10w4d   HB 167 BPM
To this:
13w measuring 12w4d HB  164 BPM   

During our second ultrasound, the tech first told us what the baby was measuring which was 6w1d.  When I heard that I had a minor freak out.  She explained that there is a  4 day +/- margin of error.  While this was all well and good, I was alarmed that it had only grown 2 days worth in 7 days.  So when we got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time I have to admit, I don't think I was nearly as excited as I could have/should have been.  I've heard heartbeats before and all I could really focus on was that something was wrong- it was measuring behind.  I felt a little guilty because I think I kind of ruined what should have been a very exciting moment for Jason and Ellen with my skepticism.

Fast forward to the following week.  Apparently, the tech was new as there was a supervisor in there with her.  It took her forever to find the heartbeat and we all held our breath- bracing ourselves for the worst yet again.   After we heard it, we asked permission to video.  While this doesn't quite depict how long it took for her to find it the first time, it will still give you an idea of the stress that we experienced during that silence (in this case it was 19 seconds- which felt like hours- though it was probably double that the first time). Afterwards,  Jason was like "Get that rookie out of there!"

Two weeks later, when we got to hear the heartbeat right away it finally started to feel real.  Listen to our exclamations in Part 1 of the video.  The excitement from Jason is palpable.  And me-with my "It's happening"- it was finally starting to sink in.  

                                             The excitement continues in Part 2:
 It's a bit hard to hear but at the end, I say "It's working".  Finally. After all this time.  After all these attempts.  After all this effort.   It's really working!



  1. Oh my gosh Kerri and Jason this is so exciting. I am so happy for you guys.

  2. Thanks! Still can't believe "It's happening!"

  3. This is amazing! How exciting for everyone!