Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day or How Jason Learned He Was Going to be a Dad!

I used to see videos and pictures of cute ways that wives surprised their husbands with the news that they were pregnant but knew that I would never get the chance to surprise Jason that same way.  It was never a secret when I was expecting my period or when my beta was, so we would typically find out the good, or in most cases, the bad news together. That all changed when Ellen sent me that text.  It was a Wednesday, two days before we were expecting to get the beta results.  And Jason had no idea that Ellen was considering testing early.

Before the news really even sunk in for me, I knew I had to figure out a way to surprise Jason who was already on his way home from work.  I decided I wanted to get him some kind of baby gift (onesie, toy, book) that related to "the current".   I ran to Target and found the perfect card.  I was looking for some sort of sailboat or fish-themed gender-neutral gift and finally settled on a onesie with a whale on it.  There's an Office Max in the same plaza as the Target, so I decided to print out a picture of Ellen's text and stick it in the card. This is what I ended up getting him:

When I pulled up, to my surprise Jason was sitting on our front porch with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of sunflowers.  I was totally confused- did he already know?  When I walked up I asked him what the occasion was and he said, "Just because".  He knew I had given a workshop earlier in the day and said that he just wanted to celebrate it having gone well.  Little did he know we had much more to celebrate!

Jason knew I was hosting a bridal shower for my best friend Trish that weekend, so he wasn't fazed when I showed him the card and said, "Look at this card I got for Trish".  He read the card and I watched for his reaction. He was clearly confused.   It took him a minute but he finally got it.
 And this is our "We're going to be parents!" selfie

So on this first Father's Day, I couldn't be more excited for my amazing husband who is FINALLY closer than ever to achieving his goals that he set when he was just 22 years old. This is a journal entry that he wrote in May of 2001.

What 22 year old guy's top three goals involve getting married and starting a family?  My smart, fun, caring special guy- that's who! HAPPY FIRST FATHER'S DAY JASON!  Next year we you will be celebrating with Baby O in your arms!


  1. Happy Father's Day, Jason. This is by far my favorite pic of you. I'm simply thrilled and can't wait to see you with baby O in your arms. :)

  2. Those goals are too cute! And I love the card - I got the same one for Robert the first time around :)